Sylff Administrators Meeting 2014 FAQ

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FAQ is available in PDF.


Q1: What if my university is unable to decide whom to send to the meeting by the registration deadline of June 27, 2014?
Q2: What if there is a need to change the meeting participant after registration?
Q3: Should I register my spouse/family members if they will accompany me to Tokyo?

Travel Funds

Q1: The cost of a round-trip, economy-class flight available at my travel agent is more than what is being offered as “travel funds.” Can the Tokyo Foundation make up the difference?
Q2: When will I receive the travel funds?
Q3: Can I be paid the travel funds before the meeting?
Q4: Will the Foundation cover any additional charges I may incur when I change or cancel my flight due to an unexpected change in schedule?
Q5: May I upgrade the class of my flight, using the travel funds?
Q6: Can I use the travel funds to purchase a ticket that will allow me to stop over in other countries?


Q1: How and when should I reserve a hotel room?
Q2: What is the room type provided?
Q3: What are the check-in and check-out times?
Q4: Is the hotel equipped with XX facilities?
Q5: How can I get to Hotel Okura Tokyo from the airport?
Q6: Can I extend my stay at Hotel Okura Tokyo?
Q7: Can I share my room with accompanying persons?
Q8: Will the Tokyo Foundation cover the cost for early check-in on December 7?
Q9: Will the Tokyo Foundation pay for late check-out on December 12?
Q10: Will there be a cancellation fee in case I need to cancel my hotel reservation because of a sudden change in my schedule.


Q1: Can your designated travel agency provide visa application assistance for my spouse or family member?

Accompanying Person(s)

Q1: Will the Tokyo Foundation provide travel funds for more than one participant from my university? My university is planning to send more than one Sylff Steering Committee member to the meeting.
Q2: Can accompanying person(s) reserve a room at Hotel Okura Tokyo?
Q3: Can my colleague(s) attending the meeting stay at a different hotel?
Q4: How much extra do I have to pay if I share a room with my spouse/family members?

Optional Tour

Q1: What are the plans for the optional tour?


Q1: Can Sylff investment income be used to attend the meeting?

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