Apr 7, 2023

Applications for SRG and SLI to be Accepted from May 2023

The Sylff Association secretariat is pleased to announce that eligible fellows will be able to apply for two Sylff Support Programs beginning in May 2023.

Sylff Research Grant (SRG) provides financial assistance to help doctoral students and postdoc researchers advance their academic careers, while Sylff Leaders Initiatives (SLI) supports fellows seeking to contribute to the betterment of society by organizing social projects and forums.

The start of these two programs in fiscal 2023 is intended to broaden fellows’ opportunities for both academic advancement and social engagement.

The official call for applications will be made in May, but information about the two programs is available now on their respective web pages:


Be sure to check the Sylff website and newsletter for the official announcement of the program’s launch.

Please note that the Sylff Association secretariat is unable to answer questions about eligibility, application procedures, application documents, and other details of SRG and SLI until their official launch in May 2023.