Feb 14, 2013

Sylff Leadership Initiatives and Fellows Forum Re-launched

To promote the Sylff ideals of bringing positive changes to society and deepening understanding among people from diverse backgrounds, the Tokyo Foundation announces the re-launch of two programs that promise to enrich the Sylff experience for all members of the global Sylff community.


Sylff Leadership Initiatives (SLI)

Originally started in 2009, SLI has been redesigned to support Sylff fellows wishing to undertake social action projects or to organize a forum, conference, seminar, or workshop addressing social issues.

Projects involving one or more Sylff fellows are eligible for an SLI award of up to US$10,000. Participation of non-fellows under the initiatives of Sylff fellow(s) is welcomed. The Tokyo Foundation is looking forward to receiving applications from socially engaged Sylff fellows and would also appreciate the cooperation of Sylff steering committees in encouraging their fellows to consider starting their own initiatives.

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Sylff Fellows Forum for Global Dialogue

A number of Sylff fellows have approached the Foundation asking for opportunities to participate in forums for the exchange of ideas with other fellows at the regional or global level. The Foundation thus decided to establish an annual event called the “Sylff Fellows Forum for Global Dialogue” staring in fiscal year 2015.

Details are still being worked out, but we are looking for one Sylff institution to host a forum each year. Such a forum will undoubtedly involve close collaboration between the host institution and the Foundation. We wish to begin discussions with interested Sylff institutions as soon as possible to design and implement forums that are in line with both Sylff’s objectives and the host institution’s own agenda.

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