Nov 20, 2012

Vienna Fellow Wins Grand Prix at Osaka Music Competition

Current Sylff fellow Ekaterina Frolova, a Russian-born master's student at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, was named the overall Grand Prix winner at the thirteenth Osaka International Music Competition, held in October 2012.

Ekaterina Frolova

Ekaterina Frolova

She also received the Feurich-Klavier Galerie Special Award and won First Prize in the string instruments category for university students.

The Osaka International Music Competition was launched in 2000 in an effort to deepen international communication and understanding in the face of the many wars fought during the last century over racial, religious, and ideological differences.

Osaka, established some 1,500 years ago, is one of the earliest centers of Japanese culture. Just as water from Osaka Bay flows out to the Pacific Ocean and other seas around the world, organizers said they hope that young musicians participating in the Osaka competition will contribute to world peace, overcoming cultural and ethnic differences to touch the hearts of people in all countries.

"I'm extremely happy to win this international competition, for which I practiced very hard," Ekaterina said, adding, "The Sylff fellowship has been indispensable in enabling me to continue my studies at the university," where she is able to practice in an intensely competitive environment.

Our warmest congratulations to Ekaterina!

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