Ákos Arató

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Received Sylff fellowship in 2024
Academic supervisor: Prof. PhD. József Janszky
Current affiliation: University of Pécs, Medical School, Department of Neurology

For more than six years he has been studying behavioural disorders related to Internet and smartphone use and their psychological and neurocognitive consequences. In his research, he found links between the extent of problem behaviours (problematic smartphone use, Internet use) and impaired language functioning, social cognitive functioning, and higher-order cognitive functions (e.g. executive and inhibitory control) and the altered neurological functioning underlying these functions. In addition, he has collaborated as part of a research team in longitudinal studies using MR imaging and neuropsychological tests to investigate the neurobehavioural background of residual symptoms (loss of sense of smell and taste, chronic mental fatigue, etc.) observed during COVID-19 infection.


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