Leaders Workshop 

Leaders Workshop is designed to provide opportunities for intensive intercultural group learning and leadership enhancement based on the scenario planning approach. The workshop—intended for researchers and practitioners with substantial expertise and experience—is scheduled to be held in Tokyo during the best times of the year, with participants being invited to weeklong sessions in fall 2018 and spring 2019. The workshop will be held on the theme of “The Power of Networks in International Society 2030” and address the following questions:

1: How can state actors respond to emerging, network-related opportunities and threats?
2: How can non-state actors facilitate the evolution of social networks?

Participants will be divided into two groups to examine the above questions, engaging in strategic thinking for state and non-state actors and creating future scenarios that are aligned with the workshop’s theme. Concrete policies and social implications will be also discussed. After the first program, the workshop will be held biennially.

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