Ana Daniela Rebelo

University of Coimbra

Received Sylff fellowship in 2023
Academic supervisor: Leonor Pais, Fred Oswald, Fred Zijlstra
Current affiliation: University of Coimbra

Academic Achievements, Social Engagement Initiatives:
▪ Completed Masters and Postgraduate Studies with a grade of 18 out of 20.
▪ Completed an internship at Vrije Universiteit Brussels in the Artificial Intelligence for HealthCare program, achieving the maximum grade of 20 out of 20.
▪ Worked in the AI Lab during the internship at Vrije Universiteit Brussels.
▪ Played leading roles in projects titled “Artificial Intelligence on The Future of The Tasks of Mental Healthcare Workers" and "Data Analytics - Understanding and Promoting Student Engagement".
Enhanced research capabilities and deepened understanding of AI's impact on society through involvement in significant projects.
▪ Authored publications including "The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Creativity of Videos" and "The Consequences of Large Language Models on the Development of Student's Cognitive Abilities".
▪ Focused on exploring AI's effects on various social dimensions through research and publications.

My professional journey is characterized by a commitment to advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence. After completing my Master and Postgraduate Studies with distinguished grades, I embarked on an internship at Vrije Universiteit Brussels, where I worked in the AI Lab and excelled in my endeavors. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD at The University of Coimbra under the guidance of experts like Lenor Pais, Fred Oswald (Rice University), and Fred Zijstra (Maastricht University), my research benefits from a rich tapestry of global insights into AI and ethics. This academic pursuit is complemented by my role as Chief Internal Communications Officer at BauWatch, where I interact daily with our directors from multiple countries (both inside and outside of Europe), and have the chance to witness and actively participate in the growth of an international company.

Research Gate:

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