Asiah Kamal

Universiti Malaya

Received Sylff fellowship in 2018.
Academic supervisor: Dr. Ahmad Azam Sulaiman@Mohamad, Dr. Mohammad Taqiuddin Mohamad
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: 
Current affiliation: Research Assistant, University of Malaya

I am Asiah a Ph.D. student in Islamic Economics, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya. My research is about “The Potential of Micro Takaful Offerings to Senior Citizens in Malaysia: A Study on Selected Takaful Operator in Malaysia”. I started my studies in Sept 2017. Currently, I am at the final stage of the Ph.D. journey which is I am waiting for VIVA-VOCE. For your information, I have submitted my thesis last 3 months ago which is in early Jun 2020. I also would like to inform that my hard work throughout my Ph.D. has brought results for me to be able to submit a thesis during "the Graduate On Time (GOT)" period, which is in semester 6 of my Ph.D. I am very thankful to the Sylff Association and the University of Malaya for giving me scholarship and the opportunity to be part of this association that bring me to succeed in to this stage.

I am currently planning to make a thesis project to make a suitable book for reading to the regulator and takaful/insurance industry to understand more about micro takaful/insurance. So, the implementation of micro takaful/insurance can be implemented at the community level.

To contact this fellow, email the Sylff Association at sylff[a] (replace [a] with @).