Buyanjargal Baatar

National Academy of Governance

Received Sylff fellowship in 2020.
Academic supervisor: Dr. Narantuya Jugder (Associate Professor)
Current affiliation: Currently, I am focusing on my Master's research about the Correlation between Academic backwardness in school children and parental education during Covid-19 pandemic.

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
I got my bachelor degree from the National University of Mongolia (“NUM”) majoring in Philosophy. During my study, I have made following achievements. Which includes:
- 2005, Awarded with the scholarship from the Golomt Bank of Mongolia.
- 2005, “Best Student Award” from NUM.
- 2007, First Place for “Social Responsibility Project” Nominee in “Young Leadership Program” under the Zorig Fund.
After the graduation, I have worked for “Intellectuality Development- IQ” LLC as researcher teacher. During this period:
- 2019, Special Place from “Redemption of the Populism” Translation Contest organized by the Liberty Fund.
- Selected as a member of organizing committee for State Intellectual Quality Olympiad organized the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in charge of development, evaluation and correction of school, district and state phases, and to organize the final phase of the Olympiad.
- A member of work group to plan and arrange the activities in the framework of topic “Logical Thinking” for the preparation of developing the problems and test for “Autumn Test for Intellectual Quality”, which was aimed to develop intellectual quality of children from early age, and to identify the students and children with high IQ, and to confirm their ability, and to promote the idea to support and develop the intelligence.
- Provided “Teacher Development” Training about “Intellectual Quality” and “Thinking Skills” to the teachers in the local area such as Bayankhongor province, Gobi-Altai province, Arkhangai province, Uvurkhangai province, Gobisumber province, Dornod province, Darkhan-Uul province.
- Trainer for the courses organized by the Teacher Development Institute.
- Experience in complete update of “Intellectual Quality” Book and preparation of contents dedicated for children in order to conduct a research on the possibility of making Intellectual Quality as an “Individual” Subject.

My achievements and expertise leads me to believe that I am qualified candidate for SYLFF program to become a better leader.

XXI Century is the era of education, more specifically the era of skill. However, it is clearly observed that the education is not sufficiently provided in the society. It is caused by the lack of human resource and sustainable government policy in education sector. We are facing the need to address following an issue in this era of rapid development of economics and technology throughout the whole world: How to train qualified personnel to compete at the world human resource market at the same time maintaining the national characteristics in the era of world globalization?
In order to find a solution to address the vital issues towards the education sector in Mongolia, it is necessary to study the trend in education management. By doing so, it will open more opportunities to understand the paradigm and the basis for theory in education, and to develop new policy in perfect sync to the social demand. Therefore, I am focusing to conduct my thesis work in education management.

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