Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu*

Howard University


Received Sylff fellowship in 2009-11.
Academic supervisor: Professor Wilfred David
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Education and Indigenous Knowledge in Africa (Springer:2019)

SLI2015: Training for the Best and Brightest Students on Leadership and Character Building in Rwanda

Current affiliation: University of Rwanda and African Child Press

Dr. Chika Ezeanya Esiobu is the author of Education and Indigenous Knowledge in Africa (Springer:2019). A researcher, teacher, non-fiction and fiction writer and a public intellectual, Dr. Esiobu holds a PhD in African Development and Policy Studies from Howard University in Washington D.C. Dr. Chika is convinced of the ability of Africans to transform Africa throught the acknowledgement of the significance of Africa's indigenous knowledge across fields and sectors. Chika has been invited to present her ideas across cultures, countries, institutions and platforms, including the London School of Economics, Pan-African Parliament, United Nations, African Union, World Bank and Standard Bank South Africa, to mention few.

2016 leadership training that introduced young Rwandans - with potentials for leadership - to the concept of effective leadership and its role in ensuring economic growth and social advancement at all administrative levels. At the end of the training, beneficiaries attested to being more equipped to effectively discharge their present duties as youth leaders, in addition to being prepared for higher leadership responsibilities as older adult in Rwanda.

LinkedIn: chikaforafrica

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