Elisabeth Angerer

Utrecht University

Received Sylff fellowship in 2020 and 2021.
Academic supervisor: Larike Bronkhorst, Sanne Akkerman, Arthur Bakker
Current affiliation: Master student in "Educational Sciences: Learning in Interaction" at Utrecht University; student assitant for Toine Pieters at Freudenthal Institute; intern under supervision of Vibe Esdahl-Schou at Østerskov Efterskole in Hobro, Denmark

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Writing a student handbook for interdisciplinary orientation as part of a Comenius project and organising a symposium about interdisciplinary “magic” at the EARLI conferece of the SIG 10, 21 & 25 in September 2022; promoting participatory research in education through my thesis project, which involves giving a workshop together with a teacher-as-research-partner at the EARLI conference mentioned above; developing and supervising the “Living Library”, a digital tool that allows integrative, continuous reviewing and pushes the boundaries of “open sience” as part of a project at the Freudenthal Institute at Utrecht University; using academic art as an intellectual medium to foster creative expression and visual communication in the educational field.

Living and travelling abroad, pursuing an apprentice degree in cabinet-making and later a double-bachelor in philosophy and neuroscience, as well as all sorts of hobbies from playing the cello to acrobatics on “aerial silks”. Along the way, I’ve been guided by a sense for serendipity and a longing for the unfamiliar. This curiosity and my love of philosophy have led me to engage in research and education, with particular fascination with the epistemological puzzles of interdisciplinarity. More recently, I have rediscovered my playful side and embarked on a journey of thinking about education through game and play dialectics. All that I know and understand is owed to the teachers and students, in life and on paper, who have shown me their worlds.

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