Erick Serna Luna*

El Colegio de México

Received Sylff Fellowship in 2016.
FR: El Colegio de México
TO: Freie Universitat Berlin, ZI Lateinamerika-Institut (Germany)

Sylff Disaster Relief Fund(2017)

Academic Supervisor: PhD. Ms. Verónica Crossa Neil 
Academic achievement, social engagement initiatives:
I am an Urban Sociologist and member of active Organized Civil Society. Currently, I am studying a PhD in Urban Studies in El Colegio de Mexico. My research project is called “Ruling below the city. An ethnographic study about political economy of popular commerce in STS of México City”. It is a research which tries to show the political and economic relations stablished by popular vendors and each of power groups who ruled the STS of Mexico City. At same time of my professional and academic work I training many styles of Martial Arts mainly the popular afro-Brazilian art called Capoeira and Brazilian Jujitsu style.
Current affiliation: El Colegio de México; ASIICSO HABITUS A.C. 

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