Georgios Mitropoulos*

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Fellowship Received: 2014
Academic Supervisor: Kostas Buraselis

Giorgos Mitropoulos was born in Athens in 1992.

He completed his under-graduate studies in the Department of History and Archaeology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He completed his post-graduate studies in the same University with a specialization in Ancient Greek and Roman History. His Master thesis treated the worship of imperial virtues in Roman Greece and was supervised by the Professor Emeritus of Ancient History Kostas Buraselis. He completed his PhD thesis in the same University and under the supervision of Kostas Buraselis, examining the imitation of the Roman emperor (imitatio imperatoris) in the Greek-speaking provinces of the Roman Empire. He also participated in numerous exchange programs, studying in the University of Durham, Heidelberg and the University La Sapienza in Rome. He was a scholar of Onassis Foundation, Greek State Scolarships (Ι.Κ.Υ.), SYLFF Foundation, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Government during his under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD studies, while his PhD thesis was awarded with the ‘Lysimachos Kautantzoglou Award’ 2021 of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens.

Giorgos Mitropoulos was an Adjunct Faculty member of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He took part in the research project of the publication of the Corpus of Philippi’s cultic inscriptions under the supervision of professor Athanasios Rizakis. 

His main research interests include Hellenistic and Roman Greece and Asia Minor, the formation and diffusion of the ruler ideology (both of kings and Roman emperors) in the same regions, the socio-political evolution of the Koina (‘Federal Leagues’) in Hellenistic and Roman Greece, and the worship of imperial virtues, topics on which he has published various papers in scientific journals and collective volumes.

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