Guy William (高威) Fincham*

University of Sussex


Fellowship received in 2021
Academic supervisor: Professor Kate Cavanagh & Dr Clara Strauss
Current affiliation: University of Sussex, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: 
Breathwork researcher. UK's 1st Sylff doctoral fellow. Breath teacher with The Breath-Body-Mind Foundation. First Class BSc International Business (International), University of Leeds (Deans' List) and University of California, Berkeley (4.0 GPA). Distinction MSc Psychology, University of St Andrews (Deans' List). British Council and Sino British Fellowship Trust Mandarin scholar in Tianjin and Shenzhen, respectively

Carrying out the first ever doctoral research—and the only PhD—funded by Sylff in the UK. My overarching aim is to revolutionise and optimise breathing in real-time using AI and machine learning. My research at Sussex is titled "Breathing in the era of Covid-19: Exploring the effects of breathwork on health and well-being”. It involves collaboration with The Breath-Body-Mind Foundation, New York (Harvard- and Columbia-trained MDs whom I trained with as a breath teacher) and the University of Oxford. I am also working with the Brighton and Sussex Medical School who are exploring the psychedelic and physiological effects of therapeutic breathwork via MRI, ECG and NIRS. Additionally, I am collaborating on a breathwork study with the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London. Ultimately, I hope my work can help build a larger evidence-based picture of the psychophysiological effects (and potential effectiveness) of breathwork. Interested in complementary and alternative medicine approaches, psychedelic science research, all things health/recovery related and, of course, the potential of therapeutic breathwork. On the road to recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome, wishing to help those with CFS and long covid.

I wish to set up a breathwork group/lab (and ultimately a centre) dedicated to breathwork research and practice (funders/donors reach out if interested!).

Follow me @Breath_Guy for updates. Hoping to connect with more Sylff fellows remotely and in-person "

Twitter: @Breath_Guy
LinkedIn: guywilliam

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