Johnny Kallay*

University of São Paulo


Received Sylff Fellowship in 2020
Academic supervisor: Natalia Dus Poiatti
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Master in International Relations, volunteer to academically support black people, indigenous people, quilombolas, people with disabilities, trans people and refugees / migrants in the process of their inclusion in Graduate Programs and Lines of Research in International Relations in Brazil.
Current affiliation: USP - Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil

Johnny Kallay is a PhD student at Universidade de São Paulo - IRI Instituto de Relações Internacionais.

His research aims to investigate the environmental governance of the transnational mining sector with the main objective of evaluating the sector as a transnational environmental governance player, assessing its environmental performance mechanisms in order to clarify the current transformation process towards a sustainable mining activity that has been going on for two decades now within the global mining sector.

Retrospectively, he has contributed to business development projects working for the consumer goods sector in Brazil and in the USA, having developed projects for operations in Latin America and The Caribbean, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Guam.

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