Karol Wilczynski

Jagiellonian University

Received Sylff fellowship in 2012-13.
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
I am currently finishing my Ph.D. on the early Arabic Philosophy. I am also working as a journalist and reporter for My social engagement focuses on so-called refugee crisis and people in the crisis of homelesseness, as well as intercultural and interfaith dialogue. Together with my wife I created the biggest Polish website on Islam:
Current affiliation: Artes Liberales Academy / Warsaw, Poland

 I am a Ph.D. Student at Artes Liberales Academy, where I am finishing Inter-University Program of Interdisciplinary PhD Studies in Philosophy and Oriental Studies. I focus on early Arabic philosophy (arab. falsafa) and their vision of educational and formative nature of philosophy. I am interested in this topic, because falsafa is one of examples of beautiful intercultural and interfaith dialogue in the history of humanity. It also helps me to understand the formative role of philosophy nowadays. In addition to this, since 2015 I pursue a writing and journalist career, focusing on human rights, especially of economically and socially excluded people: homeless, refugees, sick and old. I also conduct a lot of workshops concerning human rights, migration, Islam and social media.

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