Marcin Wrobel *

Jagiellonian University


Received Sylff fellowship in 2018.
FR: Jagiellonian University
TO: Lund University (Sweden)

Academic supervisor: Professor Grażyna Skąpska
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Scholarship of Minister of Science and Higher Education (Poland): 2013. Head of the research project funded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland): 2013-2019. Visiting scholar in International Institute for Sociology of Law in Onati (Spain): 2018. Active member of student’s organization (TBSP UJ) at Jagiellonian University: 2012-2015. Active in popularization of Science and Research in form of high school teaching programs (Poland): 2015-2019.

Born and raised in Krkaów, Poland, where I graduated Jagiellonian University (law: MA in 2014) and cultural studies (MA in 2017). PhD candidate at Institute of Sociology and Faculty of Law and Administration. I was a resident in International Institute for Sociology of Law (Onati, Spain) and in the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University (Sweden).
Participant in research project on legal consciousness, funded by National Council for Science (Poland): 2018-2021.
Main academic interests: complex social systems, legal consciousness, shepherding communities in Carpathian mountains.

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