Marina Stetic*

University of Belgrade


Received Sylff Fellowship in 2017-2018.
SRA 2017-2
FR: University of Belgrade
TO: The State Archives in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Current affiliation: Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Ph.D.

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant at Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (courses: Historical Geography and Territorial-governmental organization in Serbian territories during the Middle Ages); Member of the Research Center for Historical Geography and Historical Demography at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade; Participant in several scientific conferences in Serbia; Member of the scientific project: Насеља и становништво српских земаља у позном средњем веку (14. и 15. век) (Settlements and Population of the Serbian Lands in the Late Middle Ages (14th and 15th century)) supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

I am studying the history of the Serbian people in the Middle Ages with historical geography, historical demography and economic, social and political relations of medieval Serbia with neighboring countries and peoples. My scientific research has mostly been related to my doctoral dissertation: Viticulture in Medieval Serbia, obtained in June 2020. Thanks to the Sylff fellowship and the SRA grant, I conducted significant research in various fields of viticulture, economic and social relations and wine culture in the Serbian lands in the Middle Ages. My research papers published in domestic scientific journals, and one book chapter, refer to various topics in the field of the history of medieval Serbia. I am a passionate fan of history, geography and historical geography, sociology, anthropology, linguistics and art in general.

Brief summary of support program activities: In October 2017, I supported Sylff fellows, members of Colmex, by a modest donation to help victims of the earthquake in Mexico.


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