Masahiro Noguchi

Waseda University

Received Sylff Fellowship in 2003.
Academic Supervisor: Yoshitaka Shima
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
"Hoko-system and the reaction of the Japanese colonial government for Yunlin incident: Taiwanese rebels and collaboration in early Japanese rule, "The Waseda Journal of Social Sciences 9",2007
"Japanese perception of Asia and historical issues: a forgotten subject in dispute of Yasukuni Shrine, "Next Generation Asian Forum,7,2014.
"The case study of understanding of common sense in East Asia society from Pop culture and political demonstration especially in Taiwan and Japan,"Journal of Next Generation Forum 1, 2015
"Yang zhaojia: A leader of the self-government in Taiwan," Ryugakusei no Waseda,Waseda University Press,2015
"Colonial Taiwan and Self-Government The Spirit of Autonomous Space," Waseda University Press,2017

Current affiliation:Junior Researcher(Assistant Professor),Waseda University
My major is Japanese modern history but now a days also contemporary East Asia's area studies. I was a archivist in National archives in Japan, and cram school teacher. Now I am a Junior researcher and project manager in Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies, Waseda University.
The main theme is the Taiwanese movement for local autonomy in the interwar period. The various political conflicts that occurred in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era were influenced not only by colonialism but also by Taiwanese history prior to modernization. I wrote "Colonial Taiwan and Self-Government The Spirit of Autonomous Space"does not focus on the legitimacy of colonialism but pays attention to the Taiwanese who sought to reform colonial rule into autonomy by applying British and American constitutional ideas.

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