Mi Zhao*

University of Oregon


Received Sylff fellowship: University of Oregon (PhD), 2011

Current affiliation:
・Postdoctoral Hughes Fellow at University of Michigan
・Associate Professor at Department of History, Yuelu Academy 岳麓書院

Research: The interplay of popular culture and political and economic transformations in modern and contemporary China, and cultural and commercial exchanges between China and Southeast Asia during maritime globalization from the 16th to 19th centuries. 

Publications: Zhao’s articles appear in peer-reviewed journals:
• “State Capitalism and Entertainment Markets: The Socialist Transformation of Quyi in Tianjin (1949-1964),” accepted by Modern China
• “Ma Xianglan and Wang Zhideng Onstage and Offstage: Rethinking the Romance of A Courtesan Theatre in Ming Qing China,” Asian Theatre Journal 34.1, 2017
• “From Singing Girl to Revolutionary Artist: Female Entertainers Remembering China’s Socialist Transformation (1949-the Present),” Twentieth-Century China vol.39.2, 2014 

Field works: In addition to Taiwan, also conducted archival research and oral history research in Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, India, and China.
Contact email:  mizhao[a] OR zhao.mi[a] (replace [a] with @)

Winner of SRA2011. Conducted research abroad at Academia Sincia in Taiwan in 2012.

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