Mia Zorka Dragnic Garcia*

University of Chile


Fellowship received in 2011
Academic supervisor: Lucía Stecher
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: I have been a spokesperson for the faculty postgraduate assembly, now I belong to the International Committee of the 8M Feminist Coordinator and I collaborate with the Constituent Convention.
Current affiliation: Center for Latin American Studies University of Chile

In the past I have researched various experiences of the Latin American peasant movement. My Sociology B.A. thesis centered on the compilation of thirty-five testimonies of widows, victims of political violence that was triggered by the application of the Land and Agrarian Development Law enacted in 2001 in Venezuela. I conducted a study on the movement of rural women in Brazil, presented as the final work to qualify for a master’s degree in Gender and Culture Studies in Latin America at the University of Chile. I am currently doing a comparative study of the work of three anarchist feminist writers during the first half of the twentieth century in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Argentina. In 2014 I won the Pedro Krotsch prize from the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO)

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