Nicolas Morales

University of Michigan

Received Sylff fellowship in 2018.
Academic supervisor: John Bound
Current affiliation: PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, University of Michigan

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Recipient of Alfred P Sloan Foundation’s NBER Fellowship on High-Skill Immigration, Academic year 2017-18; Recipient of William Haber Graduate Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2012-13; Presenter at the following conferences and institutions: Labour Day (University of Western Ontario); 14th Annual Migration
Meeting (IZA); 10th International Conference on Migration and Development (CERDI); IT and Digitization
Summer Institute (NBER); Upjohn Institute; Global Talent SI (NBER); University of Michigan; Midwest International Trade Conference
(Purdue University); Sociedad de Economistas del Uruguay

Nicolas Morales is a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Michigan. His field of interest is International Migration at the junction of Labor Economics, International Trade and Industrial Organization. His research has focused on understanding the general equilibrium effects of immigration policy for sending and receiving countries by using open economy models that incorporate migration. More specifically, he is interested in how the prospects of migration affect the occupational choices of workers in sending and receiving countries. His other papers focus on quantifying the effect of migration on multinational activity, trade and productivity. He was born and raised in Uruguay where he got his BA in Economics from Universidad de Montevideo.

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