Sandra Lucia Poveda Galeano*

University of Deusto


Received fellowship: University of Deusto (PhD), 2012-2014
FR: University of Valencia (Spain)
TO: Field research (Columbia)
Recent support programm received in 2016-2 to undertake field work in Colombia. During this work it was visited diferent rural areas in Colombia, interviewed 70 peasants, and 6 focal groups.

Academic supervisor: Phd. Josepa Cucó
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Msc In Humanitarian International Action at University of Desuto. NOHA Erasmus Mundus scholarship 2009-2010, Colciencias Phd schorship abroad.  
Current affiliation: Phd. Candidate in University of Valencia in Spain  and volunteer advisor at the Inmigrants Asociation witout borders in Bilbao Spain.

Sandra Lucía Poveda is a PhD researcher in the Social Sciences programm at the University of Valencia in Spain. She holds a BA in Social Work of the National University of Colombia, and a MsC in International Humanitarian Action from Deusto University (Spain). She has more tan 10 years of experience working with different NGOs and State organizations on social projects with internally displaced population in Colombia and Sudán, and inmigrantes and assylum seekers in Scotland and Spain. Her researching experiences include topics like truth voluntary contribution of demobilized paramilitaries, women´s impact of the coca erradication prorograms and the humanitarian spaces in the midst of conflict. Currentlly, her PhD research focuses on the transformation of the rural resilience and coping  strategies, the role of rural women in peasants organization. She is interested , towards the political in durable solutions in conflicts and situtations in crisis, international cooperation, social justice and human rights. English and spanish profieciency.ía-poveda-galeano-74938079

To contact this fellow, email the Sylff Association at sylff[a] (replace [a] with @).