Sarantuya Tumurtogoo

National Academy of Governance

Fellowship received in 2002
Academic supervisor: Dr. Julie Mattew
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: Research university development progress in Mongolia
Current affiliation: ADB Mongolia, MON-L3594 project

Since 1998-2007, I have worked at the (UFE) University of Finance and Economics, then worked at the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) between 2007 to 2013 and 2015-2019. I completed my master of Education management degree at the Academy of Governance of Mongolia in 2002, master of Education degree at the University of Adelaide between 2013 and 2015 getting Australia Awards Scholarship. My thesis topic was “Policy analyses on Higher education road map of Mongolia”.
My work duties at MES were related with development of policy documents of higher education sector, guidelines and rules, coordination of the activities of different institutions, international organizations, conducting of training sessions for education stakeholders on a range of educational issues. Now I’m working as a curriculum and assessment specialist of “Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education during Economic Difficulties Project” funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB). This project aims to implement the general education curriculum reform and associated assessment system by updating curriculum statements, student learning assessment criteria, methods and system for primary, junior and senior secondary education, and framework for school and teacher evaluation.
I have previously worked in the higher education sector at the policy level, in many areas, including improving the quality of higher education. After graduating from Australia and returning to work at the Ministry of Education and Science, I worked to develop “National program for developing research university in Mongolia” with our colleagues and the program is successfully approved by Government order in 2018. Also, I worked as a Legal Entity Administration Representative (LEAR) of the project to improve quality of doctoral program, funded by European Union (EU) between 2017-1019. This project linked with European universities and the criteria for doctoral program has updated and is implementing in national level. My immediate goal is to work on and expand international projects and programs in the field of higher education sector by designing and implementing projects funded by donor organisation’s guidelines and cases from the field to underscore long-term measures for quality and sustainability in projects and operations are being changed.

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