Sarojini Imran*

University of Indonesia

Received Sylff fellowship in 1999-2001.
Academic supervisor: Devi Roza Krisnandhi Kausar, PhD; Prof. Edie Toet Hendratno
Current affiliation: Faculty of Tourism , Universitas Pancasila 

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Associate Professor of Tourism Faculty, Pancasila University Jakarta – Indonesia; As The Head of the Center for Tourism Studies and Development (PKP2), The Leader of the Association of Tourism Analysts and Developers, and a lecturer from 2019 - now. Completed the Bachelor of Architecture Engineering Program at Pancasila University; a 1999–2001 fellowship recipient at the University of Indonesia at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, graduated with a Master of Science in Anthropology; and graduated the Doctoral Study at Urban and Regional Planning, School of Architecture Planning and Policy Development Bandung Institute of Technology. In addition, She has experience in many Planning for Villages and Cities Tourism areas. She is a member of the Indonesian Association of Planning Experts and the author of culture and tourism books.

Support programs recieved:
Sylff Joint Initiative Program ( 2006 and 2007 ) ;The BABA 7 (Building A Better Asia) retreat 7th in City of Bangkok, Thailand (2010) and BABA 9th in the city of Nara (2011)

As the leader of the JOINT INITIATIVE PROGRAM (JIP) with funding from Sylff in 2006, in fostering household waste management, especially the waste segregation program (3R) in the densely populated village neighbourhood of Manggarai, Jakarta, and received the funding again the following year, in 2007, as a continuation of the municipal City waste management program by Capacity Building of all relevant national stakeholders in the three comparison cities, namely Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung.

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