Sofía Moreno-Domínguez

University of Deusto

Fellowship received in 2022
Academic supervisor: Fernando Bayón Martín
Current affiliation: PhD Candidate at University of Deusto (Spain)

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: Fine Arts Degree (University of Salamanca, 2013-2017), Leisure Management Master (University of Deusto, 2017-2018), Expert in Audience Development (CONNECT Fellow, Erasmus + and University of Deusto, 2018-2019), PhD Candidate of Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development Program (University of Deusto, since 2020). Co-Founder of Cultura con Públicos Association (to divulgate the role of audience development in cultural environment in Spanish speakers contexts). Artist and Researcher of Espacio Comün Nalda Rural Lab (La Rioja, Spain).

Sofía Moreno-Domínguez is a Ph.D. candidate at the Leisure, Culture, and Communication for Human Development program (University of Deusto). She graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca and then completed a Master's degree in Leisure Management in Bilbao. In 2018 she was part of CONNECT, a trans-European program co-financed by Erasmus Programme and the University of Deusto to specialize in audience development. By the moment she is working as a cultural manager and she is one of the artists and researchers of Espacio Comün Rural Lab (Nalda, La Rioja) by El Colletero Association. She also divulgate the benefits of audience development in Spanish speaker contexts in her co-founded Association: Cultura con Públicos.

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