Sou Hee Yang*

Waseda University



Fellowship Received: 2021
Current Affiliation: Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University
Academic Supervisor: Yuki Nakamichi

Researcher in the field of comparative criminal law
Assistant Professor at Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University

Brief Summary of Support Program Activities:
The SRG research project examines whether sexual violence in the metaverse is punishable under the laws of the UK, the US, and South Korea, jurisdictions with active movements for metaverse regulations. The metaverse is a virtual space where people engage in life-like activities. Recently, sexual assault and harassment cases in the metaverse have been reported. While safety measures are being implemented, the question of whether such sexual violence can, or should, be subject to criminal penalty, is yet to be answered. In light of evolving technology-facilitated sexual violence, this research will inform the progress that needs to be made to sex crime laws in the future.

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