Tamás Zoltán Wágner

Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Received Sylff fellowship in 2022
Academic supervisor: Dr. Mónika Papp
Current affiliation: PhD Student at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Doctoral School of Law and Political Sciences

Academic Achievements, Social Engagement Initiatives
▪ 2023 – 2023 Editor-in-chief
Journal of Külügyi Műhely [Foreign Affairs Workshop]: (in Hungarian)
▪ 2019 – 2023 Member of the editorial board
Journal of Külügyi Műhely [Foreign Affairs Workshop]
▪ 2021 – 2023 Co-editor-in-chief
Gyorselemzés [Quick Analysis Series]: (in Hungarian)
▪ 2017 – 2023 Editor
Kisebbségi Jogvédő Intézet [Institute for the Protection of Minority Rights] Volumes: (in Hungarian)
▪ 2019 – Member, Eötvös Loránd Young Expert System
▪ 2018 – External member, National Association of Doctoral Students

My field of research is divided into two branches due to doctoral training and my former workplace. As a doctoral student, I deal with the issue of state aid, especially the tax avoidance practices of multinational companies and the progressive tax laws of the Member States. I have given several lectures in these areas and published several papers. Regarding the former, I would like to mention:
What is really behind the European Commission's new tax proposal? (University of Debrecen)
Role of tax havens in tax avoidance by multinationals with special regard to Ireland (Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Trnava.

Regarding my publications, I would like to highlight the study entitled Detrimental effects of tax havens and the case of the Dutch tax system published in Pro Futuro, as well as my article on Polish retail tax, published in the journal Iustum Aequum Salutare. In addition, my study on the Czech digital tax, published in the journal Foreign Affairs Workshop, is also worth mentioning. As a result of my former job, I also conducted research in the field of minority protection, primarily seeking answers to the question of what the interplay between EU law and minority protection is. In this area, I would like to highlight the paper on the financial autonomy of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina with an EU perspective, as well as on Back in Parliament, or the rise of the AUR and the rebirth of the extreme right in Romania. The former of these is specifically related to my doctoral research area, since in this article I analyse, among other things, that the current regulations and practices regarding the financial autonomy of the province may expose Vojvodina to European Commission state aid investigations.

Finally, turning to my scientific awards, I would like to mention that in December 2021 I received the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship for the following research: Action against the tax avoidance practices of the multinationals after the investigations conducted by the European Commission based on state aid law, special regard to the digital taxes and the global minimum tax.


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