Valentina Esconjauregui

Utrecht University

Received Sylff fellowship in 2022
Academic supervisor: Dr. Damián Zaitch
Current affiliation: Master Student at Utrecht University in Global Criminology

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Drug Policy Research Intern| Openbaare Orde en Veiligheid, Gemeente Amsterdam| 2023
Currently carrying out an internship on local drug policy research for MA thesis. The focus of the research is on policy initiatives centred around supply- side harm reduction and practice. Alongside the research, I am currently a member of the organisational team for an international drugs conference in November 2023.

Research Assistant | Universiteit Utrecht | 2022-2023
Collaborated and worked as research assistant for Prof. Diana Odier Contreras-Garduno. Carried out research on transitional justice in Colombia and the case of the law of victims in Mexico. Focused on legal research in both English and Spanish.

Co-Director of the Student-led Honors Course and Seminar Femina Universalis | University College Utrecht | 2021
Led the Criminology section of the student-Led Honors Course and Seminar Femina Universalis during the Spring semester 2021. Focused on the position of women in criminological theory and research.

Member of the UCU Sexual Misconduct Team| University College Utrecht | 2020-2021
Student representative in the investigation on sexual misconduct processes at UCU. Sat with the Dean, Head Tutor, and Student Life Officer regarding issues of sexual misconduct prevention and sanctions in the college.

Chair and Editor of The Novel Project Team | University College Utrecht | 2018-2020
Chair and co-creator of The Novel Project team at UCU. Carried out application process, author selection process, printing and publishing, and administrative matters. Editor for three writers of the Novel Project for the academic year 2019-2020. Carried out initial and final progress overview and editing of the chapters by each author.

Valentina Esconjauregui is a master student at Utrecht University completing her studies in drug policy innovation and harm reduction. She has been involved in monitoring and policy implementation at University Utrecht's University College, as well as the creation of guidelines for misconduct within the college. Her research interests include drug market dynamics, social embeddedness of organised criminal networks, and drug policy innovation.


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