Xinming Xia*

Peking University


Received Sylff fellowship in 2019.
FR: Peking University (China)
TO: Center for Chinese Studies, University of California, Berkeley (USA)

Academic supervisor: Prof. CF He
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
My research has been focused on the economic geography. I am interested in SMEs, MNEs and FDI. I have published several books and journal articles. I am also the research assistant of DRC, student representative of Regional Studies Association, teaching assistant of PKU International Summer School and alumni of Chinese-German Young Professional Campus.
a. Similar research activities prior to start of doctoral program
Oct.2018 Excellent paper, 2018 China Regional Scientific Association Annual Meeting (RSAC '2018)
Apr. 2017 Best Paper Award, the 5th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student Conference
Oct.2017 Excellent paper, 2017 China Regional Scientific Association Annual Meeting (RSAC '2017)
Jun-Zheng Scholar, Hui-Chun Chin-Tsung-Dao Lee Undergraduate Research Endowment
b. Selected social engagement honors
German Chancellor Fellowship for prospective leaders
Outstanding Academic Record & Community Service, Assembly of the State of New York
National Winner of Committee 100 Leadership Scholarship Program
Young Leaders Fellowship, The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund
Young Global Changer
Top Prize of 50 Outstanding College Students in China, Central Committee of the Communist Youth League
The First Prize of National College Students’ Knowledge of the Ocean

Similar to China's economic structure, it is not the big companies that create the miracle of American economy, but the vibrant SMEs. At present, China is experiencing the era of "encourage people to start businesses and make innovations". My research results about industry in US can be used as reference to China’s enterprise innovation and industrial upgrading, the service and management of SMEs incubation bases.

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