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Weatherhead East Asian Institute, International Affairs Building MC 3333, 420 West 118th Street, 9th floor, New York, NY 10027 USA

Telephone: +1-212-854-2592

Local Name of Sylff Program

The Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund Program of Columbia University
Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund

Program Description

The objective of the Program is to support the education of graduate students concentrating in the study of the Asia Pacific region and Inner Asia at the University. This is done by awarding fellowships to students with high potential for leadership in national, regional and international affairs, and in public life as well as in private endeavors. The fellowships are open to students enrolled in master’s and/or doctoral degree programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Teachers College, as well as in the professional schools of business, international and public affairs, social work, law and journalism. Master’s students are eligible for summer awards and doctoral students are eligible for both summer awards and academic year awards.

*For details and updates, please refer to the Sylff institution's website listed above.

Year Endowed


Steering Committee

Prof. Eugenia Lean
Director, Weatherhead East Asian Institute

Contact Person
Ms. Nicole Vartanian, Executive Director


Columbia University Sylff Fellows Association