Institute of Political Education “Pedro Arrupe“

Institute of Political Education “Pedro Arrupe“
via Franz Lehar, 6 – 90145 Palermo, Italy

Telephone: 916269744

Local Name of Sylff Program

The Idea - Action Research Program

Program Description

This program is designed to encourage research projects on social sciences and humanities that address a topic from a strictly scientific point of view but, at the same time, provide mechanisms and operational instruments to promote their practical implementation (hence the name: "Idea-Action"). The program supports the development of a new generation of researchers who are interested in a real transformation of society.

Will be evaluated research projects that address the theme of migration according to one of the following perspectives: historical, legislative, economic, sociological.

The objective is to support the education and the specialization of talented students with high potential for future leadership enrolled in the following program in the area of humanities and social sciences.

The program also aims to give continuity to “the Migration Observatory” which was promoted by two scholarships funded by the Sylff Program in 2013.

Year Endowed


Steering Committee

Dr. Massimo Massaro
General Secretary

Contact Person
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Italian Sylff Fellows Association, Palermo