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Local Name of Sylff Program

The Global Young Leaders Fellowship Program of University of Latvia

Program Description

The objective of the Program is to support the education of students enrolled in master’s and/or doctoral degree programs at the University of Latvia with high potential for leadership in international matters, in public life as well as in private endeavors, by awarding fellowships. These fellowships will be awarded to outstanding students majoring in social sciences and humanities fields and whose studies relate to the focus of the fellowship program, "Sustainable Human Resource Development; Narrowing the Knowledge Gap between National, Regional and Global Societies." That is, fellowships will be awarded to students who are pursing studies that are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary and relevant to the sustainable development of Latvia and its place and future in Europe and in the world.

*For details and updates, please refer to the Sylff institution's website listed above.

Year Endowed


Steering Committee

Prof. Indriķis Muižnieks

Contact Person
Ms. Alina Grzhibovska
Director, International Relations Department