Aug 12, 2013

Sylff@Tokyo: Japan Contest Winner Visits Tokyo Foundation

Yajun, third from left

Yajun, third from left

Liu Yajun, a Sylff fellow at Nanjing University, visited the Tokyo Foundation on July 26, 2013. Yajun was awarded the second prize in a contest among 60 universities in China on knowledge concerning the Japanese language and culture. Her prize was a trip to Japan, during which she visited the Foundation.

Yajun said that she began studying Japanese after she entered university. Her fluency and deep knowledge of Japan was highly impressive. Upon receiving the award, Yajun wrote, “It is at times when the China-Japan relationship is difficult that we should promote exchange. Cultural exchange has the power to overcome all difficulties.”

The Tokyo Foundation is very proud of Yajun’s accomplishments and will continue to support outstanding fellows like her.