Oct 27, 2008

Articles on HIV by Helsinki SYLFF Fellow published in Science and Future HIV Therapy.

Dr. Richard G. Wamai, a SYLFF fellow of the University of Helsinki, published the following 2 articles:

1. An article on HIV/AIDS “Public Health: Reassessing HIV Prevention” was published in Science in May 2008.

A response to a question on the above article in Science concerning HIV/AIDS resources and effectiveness of the different prevention approaches was published in Science in September 2008:

2. Dr. Wamai is a lead author of a paper “Male circumcision is an efficacious, lasting and cost-effective strategy for combating HIV in high-prevalence AIDS epidemics” in Future HIV Therapy –written by 43 authors who are among the leading AIDS experts in the world, and published by Future Medicine.


Richard Wamai

Dr. Wamai, originally from Kenya, received the SYLFF fellowship in 2000 while studying at the University of Helsinki. He obtained his Ph.D. in international health, public policy and nonprofit studies in 2004. He is now a research fellow in the Takemi Program in International Health at the Department of Population and International Health, Harvard School of Public Health. At Harvard, he conducts research on health systems reforms and health financing focusing on different aspects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Mexico. He has also been appointed as Visiting Assistant Professor at Northeastern University, Boston, USA in the Global Studies Program and the Department of African and African-American Studies.