Jun 10, 2015

Fourth “Voices” Booklet Now Online and In Print


The articles uploaded on the Sylff website over the past 15 months have been complied into the June 2015 edition of Voices from the Sylff Community. The book contains 14 articles on such topics as land reform, information systems, economic development, sociolinguistics, youth leadership, and musical education, representing the diverse and global nature of the Sylff community. The Tokyo Foundation is pleased to have received many contributions from fellows around the world over the past year.

One feature of Voices 2015 is a section on articles related to SRA and SLI. More than two years have passed since Sylff Leadership Initiatives (SLI) was re-launched in 2013 to support the social action initiatives of fellows, and it is now bearing fruit, as demonstrated by the articles contained herein—including those written by other Sylff fellows who observed or attended the projects. The articles in the SRA section showcase the diversity of the research being conducted by fellows.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Sylff program at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Sylff Administrators Meeting held in Tokyo in December 2014 are introduced with photos of participants. There are also two pages of photos at the back of the booklet featuring the many outstanding fellows whom members of the Tokyo Foundation had the pleasure of meeting in 2014.

The booklet can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

We Want to Hear Your “Voice”

We’re always eager to receive YOUR contributions to the Sylff site. Reports of your academic or social action achievements should be submitted to the Tokyo Foundation at leadership [a] (replace [a] with @).

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Voices from the Sylff Community
June 2015


Developing Youth Leadership in the Western Cape: SLI Workshop Organized by Fellow Xena M. Cupido Althea Whitaker and Errol Brierley
Between 2:00 and 4:00 pm: How a Full-Time Mother Organized a Food-Bank Symposium Sherilyn Siy Tan
Music and Social Edification in Peru Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach
Leading the Leaders: A Forum for Local Youth Leaders in Maara Constituency Jacinta Mwende Maweu
List of SLI Awardees and Projects in 2014
Arbitration in Europe: Article 2 of the European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration Nērika Lizinska
Why Do Some Organizations Perform Better Than Others?: Investigating the Importance of Context and Strategy Choices Mirjam Goudsmit
How the Leopard Got Its Spots: Gender Dimensions of Land Reform in Cambodia Alice Beban
A Disaster-Resilient, “Frugal” Information System Mihoko Sakurai
Cars and Capitalism in Contemporary Hanoi Arve Hansen
Response of Indian Industries to Global Environmental Sustainability Shyamasree Dasgupta
Narratives of “Change” and “Freedom” in Early Modern Almanacs Kujtesë Bejtullahu
List of SRA Awardees and Research Topics in 2013–14
Music Connects Us All Gretchen Amussen
The Arts in Crisis and their Survival in the Twenty First Century: A View from Sociolinguistics Christopher Lees
Sylff’s Role in Hungary’s Democratization: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Celebrates 25 Years of the Fellowship Program Viktória Ferenc, Loretta Huszák, and Balázs Csiky
Sylff Administrators Meeting 2014: Challenges and Opportunities in an Interconnected World Tokyo Foundation
Leaders Embodying the Sylff Ideal: Meeting with Fellows in 2014