Apr 28, 2017

Sylff Association Launched

Sylff Association brochure

Sylff Association brochure

The Sylff Association was launched in April 2017 to commemorate Sylff’s 30th anniversary. It brings closer together the many stakeholders in our community: current and graduated fellows, steering committee members at the 69 Sylff institutions, and the staff of the Nippon Foundation and the Tokyo Foundation.* It will “pool the wisdom that has been accumulated over the years and deepen and strengthen the ties among us,” notes Association Chairman Yohei Sasakawa in his message introducing the new initiative.

The Association will be offering various support programs on a continuing basis to promote fellows’ academic advancement and development as leaders, as well as to encourage networking.

Fellows are encouraged to share their insights, knowledge, and experience with other Association members to hone their leadership qualities and to promote peaceful, sustainable, and socially inclusive development.

For more information, download the Sylff Association brochure.


* Sylff is a joint Tokyo Foundation–Nippon Foundation program. The Association is an initiative by the Tokyo Foundation (which serves as the secretariat) to create a more personalized program.

If you are a Sylff fellowship recipient but have not been receiving email communications from the Tokyo Foundation, please contact us at sylff[a] (replace [a]with @) to get connected. Please also let us know if there are changes in your email or postal address or other contact information.