Sep 1, 2017

Sylff Site Renewed

The Sylff website has been renewed with a new, easy-to-read design and was relaunched on September 1.

The site has new features to encourage networking among Sylff stakeholders and to facilitate the sharing of insights, knowledge, and experiences with fellows in countries around the world.

Some new features include:

  • Easier access to Sylff announcements on a variety of platforms (PCs, smartphones, etc.)
  • A profile page enabling fellows to share information about academic and social engagement achievements
  • Tags to identify fellows by research field or keyword
  • Posting of comments on Voices articles

A profile page has already been created for fellows who have submitted a bio and photo when contributing a Voices article or upon receiving a support program grant. Please check your page and update any information as needed. If you don’t yet have a page but wish to be included in the directory, please send us your bio and photo using the profile template available at

Please also tell us what you think about the new site by mailing us at sylff[a] 
*[a] must be replaced by @