Mar 16, 2018

New Sylff Association Logo

New Sylff Association Logo

The Sylff Association was launched in 2017, on the thirtieth anniversary of the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund, to create a common, inclusive, and enduring identity for all Sylff stakeholders: current and past fellowship recipients, Sylff steering committee members at the 69 Sylff institutions in 44 countries, and the staff of the Nippon Foundation and Tokyo Foundation.

To help advance the notion of a single Association identity, a new logo has been developed. Starting in late March 2018, all stakeholders are asked to use these new visual identity marks for all Sylff-related materials (in accordance with the Logo Usage Guidelines).
Download all versions of the new logo

A sense of continuing, lifelong membership and the sharing of insights and experiences are also being fostered through an expanding menu of support programs. Fellows may apply to six such programs today, and more are currently under consideration.