Jun 19, 2009

Global Announcements for Sylff Capacity Building

Your portal to non-Sylff related events, calls for contributions, publications of interest, and more…

Listed below are some 2009-2010 announcements, selected and compiled by members of the Sylff Fellows Council as a service to the SYLFF community.

These announcements may be of interest to Sylff fellows anywhere in the world and across disciplines, particularly as a gateway to resources for professional, academic and leadership development.

For further information on any particular announcement, please contact the respective organizers directly. Please note, however, that the Scholarship Division of the Tokyo Foundation and the SFC are not responsible for any problems or inconveniences that may arise from contacting the organizers or participating in these events.

New lists of announcements will be issued from time to time, so keep on checking this website for exciting notices!

If you are a Sylff fellow and would like to share non-Sylff related announcements, please send the information according to the following guidelines to Severine Minot, 2009 liaison officer of the SFC, via e-mail at severineminot[a]*[a] must be replaced by @).


Guidelines for submission of information on events, publications, prizes, and other professional opportunities for the Sylff website

  • In principle, the programs must be related to the fields of social sciences and humanities, as well as the arts. Those solely concerned with hard sciences are not accepted.
  • The programs should be academic in nature, and information on those promoting certain political or religious groups will not be accepted.
  • Submitted information should include the following items:

    (a) Name of the program (events, publications, prize, etc.)

    (b) Date and place

    (c) Brief introduction of the program (less than 40 words)

    (d) Organizer’s contact information (Website URL, contact person’s e-mail address, etc.)

  • The Scholarship Division reserves the right to decide whether or not to upload the information on the Sylff website..


We are on the lookout for:  

- Events (international conferences, seminars, workshops, seasonal and regular training programs, etc.)  

- Calls for contributions (for articles, presentations, research participation, award nominations, etc.)  

- Publications of interest (new periodicals and special journal issues, book launches, etc.)  

- Prizes, scholarships, fellowships and internships opportunities.  

- Professional opportunities (contract offers, calls for tenders, special position offers)

N.B. This tool is not an exhaustive database. This list and forthcoming ones are available as bulletins on the Sylff website and kept as archives.

Global Announcements June-2009