Aug 4, 2009

A Sylff Fellow of the University of the Western Cape PublishesGovernance and Financial Sustainability of NGOs in South Africa

Rozenda Hendrickse, a Sylff fellow of the University of the Western Cape, publishes Governance and Financial Sustainability of NGOs in South Africa.

Rozenda, who pursued her PhD on governance issues and the financial sustainability of NGOs, is currently teaching at the Department of Public Management in the Faculty of Business of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She also serves as a Trustee and Board Member of the Harold Wolpe Memorial Trust. Her research interests include policy studies, human resource management, and research methodology. She served on the Sylff Fellows Council, established by the Tokyo Foundation’s Scholarship Division, from 2003-2007. She is also the principal organizer of the University of the Western Cape’s Sylff Fellows Association.

The study focused on governance and financial sustainability of NGOs in South Africa. The primary objective of the study was to evaluate existing governance and financial arrangements of NGOs with the view to developing alternative approaches with specific reference to lessons from the experiences of South African NGOs. The secondary objectives of the study were firstly to develop a historical perspective on trends and tendencies of NGO funding in South Africa, and secondly to provide a theoretical overview of the financial management and governance arrangements of NGOs. The study examined options for funding arrangements for NGOs in South Africa. A comparative case assessment of selected NGOs was provided. Research findings forwarded were used to develop a set of conclusions and recommendations for the improved funding and governance of NGOs in South Africa in general. (Cited from


Governance and Financial Sustainability of NGOs in South Africa. By Rozenda Hendrickse. (Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag, 2009) 332 pages; ISBN-10: 3639122194; ISBN-13: 978-3639122190


Table of Contents:

Chap 1: Introduction and Background to the Study.

Chap 2: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives of NGO Governance and Funding in South Africa.

Chap 3: Theoretical Overview of Governance and Sustainability of NGOs.

Chap 4: Theoretical Focus on Sustainability and Financial Management of NGOs.

Chap 5: Case Studies: An Assessment of Selected NGO Case Studies in South Africa.

Chap 6: Research Results and Findings: An Application of the Preferred Framework.

Chap 7: An Appraisal Framework for the Sustainability of NGOs.

Chap 8: Conclusions and Recommendations.

Chap 9: Bibliography

Chap10: Appendices