Oct 18, 2019

Sylff@Tokyo: The Importance of Promoting Basic Education in Developing Countries

Mio Morimoto, who was awarded a Sylff fellowship in 2019 by Waseda University, visited the Sylff Association secretariat on August 2. She is currently pursuing a PhD in educational development, and the theme of her dissertation is “Parental Involvement and Child Learning in Developing Countries: A Case Study on Elementary Education in India.”

She hopes to contribute to the improvement of basic education in developing countries, which she thinks is most important in enabling children to survive and rise above a difficult environment.

Morimoto, seated center, with Sylff Association secretariat members.

After completing her undergraduate studies at Waseda, she worked at the Kumon Institution of Education for about three years.

While continuing her doctoral research at Waseda University, she is visiting India for the sixth time between September and December 2019 for an internship at the UNICEF office in New Delhi, where she also hopes to gather data and network with local school officials and researchers. She feels that field work is very important in learning about key elementary education issues in India.

She has expressed her wish to apply for a Sylff Research Abroad grant so she can visit India again and network with Sylff fellows from Jadavpur University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. The Sylff Association secretariat looks forward to hearing from her and hopes that she will take full advantage of the various support programs and the global Sylff network to achieve her professional goals.