Oct 30, 2019

Sylff@Tokyo: Thriving in Utrecht’s International Atmosphere

Anna-Liis Sutt, a current Sylff fellowship recipient at Utrecht University, visited the Sylff Association secretariat in Tokyo on August 20, 2019. Having just earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Utrecht, she was visiting Japan for the first time before beginning her master’s program at the Utrecht University School of Economics in the fall.

Sutt, standing second from right, during her visit to the Sylff Association secretariat.

During the two-year master’s program, Sutt is interested in investigating allegations of money laundering by EU financial institutions from a legal perspective. It is a topical theme that, she feels, is under-researched.

Sutt was born in Estonia and grew up in the United States and Luxemburg. She thrives in the international atmosphere of student life at Utrecht. As an undergraduate student, Sutt represented international students in the student council and made certain that their views were reflected in university decisions and regulations.

She hopes to continue to represent student groups as a graduate student. In the future, Sutt is interested in working in the public sector for such organizations as the International Monetary Fund. We wish her success at Utrecht in both her academic and social-oriented activities.