Dec 26, 2019

Jordanian Fellows Invited to the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence in Amman

On November 12, 2019, Japanese ambassador to Jordan Hidenao Yanagi invited the president of the University of Jordan, Professor Abdel-Karim al-Qudah, members of the Sylff steering committee, and 10 Sylff fellows from the university to his residency. It was the first time that so many fellows from the last 15 years came together to be with the president of the University of Jordan and faculty members.

From left (front row), Dr. Hadeel Yaseen (Sylff steering committee member), Dr. Tayseer Abu Odeh, President Abdel-Karim al-Qudah, Ambassador Hidenao Yanagi, along with other Jordanian Sylff fellows and embassy staff.

Since 2003, 20 graduate students at the University of Jordan have received a Sylff fellowship, and they have gone on to positions of great professional responsibility and leadership. Many of these fellows now work as lawyers, judges, university professors, social leaders, school teachers, and researchers.

A message from the secretariat of the Sylff Association was read out, which made special reference to a conference organized by Sylff fellow Tayseer Abu Odeh in July. All attendees extended their heartfelt gratitude to the Sylff program and the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research for funding their academic studies and postgraduate initiatives.

Ambassador Hidenao Yanagi spoke on educational and academic collaboration between the Japanese government and the University of Jordan, while Professor Abdul-Karim al-Qudah made remarks on bilateral educational cooperation between the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research and the University of Jordan.

On behalf of Jordanian Sylff fellows, Tayseer Abu Odeh made a speech on the ways in which Sylff fellows benefitted from the fellowship personally and collectively: “To anyone who cherishes the hope that education is the most powerful and effective tool to humanize and develop society and the government, the process of sustainable development seems to be a genuine national priority. This is precisely what makes the Sylff Association unique and dynamic. Not only does it support fellows during a limited period of time, it also offers support and guidance throughout their careers.”

The evening was a great opportunity for Jordanian Sylff fellows to get to know one another and to reinforce their ties with their alma mater. The event was covered on social media by the University of Jordan (Arabic only)

The Sylff Association secretariat is grateful to Ambassador Yanagi for providing this valuable opportunity and to Professor Abdel-Karim al-Qudah for his presence at the occasion.