Nov 17, 2021

The Call of Duty to Help Humankind

Amit Singh

Amit Singh

University of Coimbra

Received Sylff fellowship in 2020-21.
Academic supervisor: Dr. Bruno Sena Martins
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Sylff fellowship, SUPRA NORDIC scholarship (Denmark), Freedom of expression foundation award (Norway) Global Ambassador for Human Rights and Peace, India, Mahidol university alumni association research award, Thailand, The Centre for Internet and Society grant, Ford foundation, India, President of the International Students' Union at the University College of Southeast Norway, Mr. Brand Ambassador at Mahidol University, Thailand. REX global fellowship , Jan Mitra human rights award, Human rights year of the crusader (2016) award, Founder of Prabdh'- NGO for sustainable social change, Yoga-project (Norway, Thailand)

Amit is a PhD student in Human Rights in Contemporary Societies at the University of Coimbra, and a research associate at the Centre for the Study at Indian Languages and Society in India. He holds MSc. in Human rights and multiculturalism from University of Southeast Norway; M.A. in Human rights from Mahidol University,Thailand and M.A. in World History from Pondicherry University, India.
Amit is author of the book, The Conflict of Freedom of Expression and Religion- A Case Study from India, Ahmadiyya Refugees in Thailand: Right to freedom from arbitrary detention and freedom of movement: A case study of Pakistani Ahmadiyya refugees. Amit has been invited to present his research paper in various national and international forums, including University of Massachusetts(USA), York University(Canada), the International Association on the Study of Forced Migration(India), Oslo University(Norway).
His particular areas of interest are multiculturalism, religious extremism, human rights, freedom of expression, Hindu-Muslim communcal conflict and Secularism.
Amit holds membership of European Integration & the Global Political Economy Research Network, Columbia University, Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network, Thailand, and Indian Sociological Society. He has contributed more than one hundred articles on human rights issue in national and international online news magazine. Amit's academic work have been supervised by Dr. Yanuar Sumarlan, Dr. Mike Hayes, , Dr. Bruno Sena Martins , and Dr. Ådne Valen-Sendstad. Amit was invited to work as a research assistant by Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond, Emerita Professor, Refugee Research Centre, University of Oxford, and is being supervised by Dr. Catarina Kinnvell at Lund University, Sweeden.
Amit has worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Bangkok, Thailand) the United Nations Development Program (New Delhi, India), the National Human Rights Commission of India and Philippines.
Inspired by his mother, Vijay Laxmi Singh, Amit aspired to bring change to the lives of people through human rights and yoga.

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