Dec 3, 2021

Rethinking International Research under Crises

Herve Roland Memiaghe

Herve Roland Memiaghe*

University of Oregon


Received Sylff fellowship in 2019.
FR: University of Oregon
TO: Agence National des Parcs Nationaux (Gabon)

Current affiliation: Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Environment ane Architecture, College of Design, University of Oregon
Academic supervisor: Prof. Bart Johnson
Research area: Landscape ecology: Human-elephant coexistence

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Master in Conservation Ecology, 2008,University of Stellenbosch, South Africa; Currently PhD candidate, Department of Landscape Architcture; Member of Newman Center, Catholic Church, Member of Non-Traditional Student Union at UO , Volonteer at Camas Ridge Elementary school

Currently, I am conducting fieldwork at Lope National Park in Gabon. I will analize the gathered data during Spring and Fall 2020. At the end of analyses, I will use this SRA fund to present the results to stakeholders and conduct discussion group to integrate their perspectives into Landscape management that will establish conditions for human and elephant coexistence.

Herve Memiaghe (Tweeter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

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