Dec 23, 2021

Between Deaf and Hearing Worlds – We Can Do It!

Ivana Hay

Ivana Hay

Charles University

Fellowship received in 2021
Current affiliation: Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague

Her thesis is entitled Gallery and Museum Education in the Art Education of Deaf Pupils. It is focused on monitoring and mapping the current situation of education of deaf children in art education at special schools for the deaf in cooperation with cultural institutions such as museums and galleries. The aim is to find ways to make these institutions accessible to deaf children and their teachers so that they can integrate and participate in creative art workshops and teaching in cultural institutions without hindrance and combine these with the teaching of art education at their school. It also aims at the question whether deaf pupils have the opportunity to learn something about their own culture and art in art classes - i.e. the Deaf culture and Deaf art - which should be included in the framework of educational program for deaf pupils, if we take into account that the Deaf are perceived as a linguistic and cultural minority. Thanks to the SYLFF scholarship, Ivana will be able to visit Poland and the United Kingdom, where she will observe the access and activities for the deaf children and adults in the art galleries and museums along with professional deaf artists who are employed there, so she can put their methods into practice in the Czech Republic, too.

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