Jan 17, 2022

Don’t Let Pandemic Steal Your Joy

Dorjkhand Sharavjamts

Dorjkhand Sharavjamts*

National Academy of Governance


Fellowship received in 2020
Academic supervisor: Prof. Tsolmontuya
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: PhD in applied psychology and head of the National Institute for Behavioral Research NGO.
Current affiliation: Graduate of National Academy of Governance, Mongolia

I have a decade of experience as a psychologist, primarily in public health organizations. My most recent role was as the General Secretary at the Institute of Law Enforcement and Public Health, where I collaborated with law enforcement officials to conduct research. In this position, I specialized in public administration to gain insights into public health issues from a policy perspective. My responsibilities included educating civilians, policymakers, and law enforcement officials, aiming to raise awareness and shape behaviors for a more peaceful and healthy society.

My educational background consists of a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2016-2023), a Master's degree in Psychology from Mongolian National University (2013-2015), a Master’s degree in Public Management from the National Academy of Governance (2020-2022), and a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Humanities (2008-2012).

My primary objective is to make a positive impact by enhancing the psychological well-being of the public and connecting academic knowledge with practical application. To achieve this, I have taken recent steps to activate my non-governmental organization, the National Institute for Behavioral Research, which I founded in 2012. Through this organization, my goal is to foster a deeper understanding of crucial psychological science information and research among the population, ultimately improving psychological well-being and preventing mental health issues in our society.

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