Nov 10, 2023

Sylff@Tokyo: Cultivating a Global Perspective at the University of Texas at Austin

(From left) Rebekah Junkermeier, Debbie Carney, director Keita Sugai, and program officer Konatsu Furuya.

On October 24, 2023, Rebekah Junkermeier and Debbie Carney of the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business visited the Sylff Association secretariat to share updates about Texas fellows. Junkermeier is the director of global learning and Carney is a global engagement strategist at McCombs.

Through the Global Career Launch program, two McCombs MBA fellows led a team of undergraduate students in an internship with a local NGO providing business solutions to a small business in Oaxaca, Mexico. In the Global Connections program, five MBA fellows coordinated undergraduate courses that examined a variety of case studies, from sustainability and renewable energy in Latin America to entrepreneurship in Ghana.

Through programs like these, Junkermeier and Carney explained, the impact of the Sylff fellowship is not limited to the recipients themselves but also extends to undergraduate students at Texas. The programs also provide opportunities for transformative experiences through the exploration of other cultures and play an important role in cultivating a global perspective.

We thank Junkermeier and Carney for taking the time to visit us and look forward to receiving news of further success in the Sylff program at the University of Texas at Austin.