Dec 13, 2023

Sylff@Tokyo: Visit by the Rector of Mongolia’s National Academy of Governance

On November 30, 2023, the rector of the National Academy of Governance, Dr. Surenchimeg Dulamsuren, visited the Sylff Association. Ms. Izumi Kadono, the president of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, and Ms. Mari Suzuki, executive director, welcomed her visit.

(From left) Tokyo Foundation President Izumi Kadono, Dr. Surenchimeg Dulamsuren, and Executive Director Mari Suzuki.

Surenchimeg has had a remarkable career, having been selected as the dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and Oriental Languages at Otgontenger University at the age of 25, the youngest on record. She then moved on to create the first training division in the private sector, eventually establishing her own company dedicated to human resource development. Now, she serves as the rector of the National Academy of Governance, well known as an institution for training public servants in Mongolia. She has published over 20 books, including her representative work Teaching the Right Character.

Since her appointment as rector, the number of public-servant trainees at the National Academy of Governance has increased rapidly. In 2023, the Academy trained approximately 50,000 people. Some of the bright trainees continue their training abroad in collaboration with Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Dr. Surenchimeg was visiting Shizuoka with 10 trainees from the Academy and when she stopped by the Sylff Association.

October 2024 is the 100th anniversary of the Academy and the Sylff Association Secretariat looks forward to celebrating it together.